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Feb 9 2011

Most people know matchstick shades by their more popular names – bamboo shades or woven wood blinds. They are one and the same thing. Matchstick blinds are basically woven wood blinds that give a room a South Pacific or tropical feel. They are the perfect accent piece for any room, apartment or guesthouse. Because of the natural quality to the blinds, each window treatment is slightly different although color matches will stay the same. 

Woven wood shades are available in many different colors and patterns. The line I prefer is the Tavarua line of bamboo shades, blinds and drapery. They offer a wide selection of textures and colors, so matching these window treatments to existing wood furniture or flooring is a cinch.

Included in the Tavarua line of window treatments are: Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades, Tavarua Woven Wood Shades, Exotic Woven Wood Shades, Designer Woven Wood Shades, Sunscreen Bamboo Roller shades, Bamboo Drapery and Bamboo Sliding Panels. Because there are so many options of styles, you could use a different version for every room of the house and not double up. It’s a great way to keep a consistent theme in the home without duplications.

Because these window treatments are woven, it means that light and air can pass through, although light is filtered. Some versions maintain views outside and for these, many believe a privacy liner is a must. Privacy liners are also known as blackout liners. These shades add a layer of insulation on cooler days and ensure complete in-home privacy.

The greatest interest in these shades comes from the warmer states where they fight the heat of the sun more than winter’s cold. The ability to feel a breeze while cutting the sun’s glare is a huge benefit to a lot of people. I also recommend edge bindings for any type of matchstick blind because this will prevent the ends from splitting or chipping.

As previously mentioned, the color selection is extensive. To give you a feel for what to expect, here are a few options: Borneo Dappled, Bora Bora Natural, Baja Sand, Aspen Walnut, Sumatra Espresso. Tavarua matchstick blinds come standard with color-coordinated cords and tassels and a matching 6-inch valance. These window treatments were created with a roman fold style lift so when they are open the effect is of a waterfall. When closed, you get a simple, clean line of bamboo.

For those who like some amount of privacy no matter what the weather holds, the top down, bottom up options would be a great choice for you. You determine how much open window space you want and how much privacy.

Tavarua blinds are available on-line and can be shipped directly to your door. Be sure to find a trusted and reliable on-line dealer. Oftentimes special discounts can be had with ½ off privacy liners, a 30% discount and more.

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