New Years Window Treatment Resolutions

Jan 6 2011

We’re off. It’s 2011 and it’s time to follow through on New Year’s resolutions. I know personally I often make a resolution, then put it off because it’s too time consuming or costs too much money. I hear that from a lot of people. One of the biggest resolutions I hear being broken is people who say they are going to update the look of their house.

It’s easy to say it, but to follow through requires research, time and money. If you don’t have all three at once, it can be hard. But, with New Year’s sales happening, now is the perfect time to keep your resolution and get your house fixed up with discounts so that when you come home, it feels like your home.

One of the most cost effective ways to change the look of a home, office or apartment is to change the window treatments. It’s true. With new blinds and shades you can introduce a new color scheme, or bring in patterns and textures to liven up a room. There are also more practical reasons for updating window treatments; one of the biggest includes blocking drafty windows so you save money on energy bills. The less cold air in, the less money out the door to heat the house.

Some people live in compact spaces, and those spaces change dramatically with the right window treatments. Heavy, dark materials will have it feeling small and cramped, but light materials or Cityscape roller shades can open up the room and make everything feel more luxurious.

For a quick sample of some of the sweetest shades on the market, check these out:

•    Cellular shades. The most popular are single cell and double cell shades. Double cell shades offer additional insulation for greater energy savings. If you choose to go with the ComforTrack or EnergyTrack line of window treatments, you will qualify for a federal tax credit.

•    Roman Shades. There’s a reason these shades have been around forever; it’s because they always look good. They are made with rich materials that add sophistication to any space.

•    Cityscape Roller Shades are like hanging a painting from the window. They come in black and white and can be used to filter light or to block light completely. Imagine looking at the Golden Gate Bridge every day or Chicago Lights – you’ll definitely get a lot more dreaming done.

•    EcoGreen Roller Shades. These are for the environmentalist in you. Imagine recyclable window treatments made from environmentally friendly fabrics with no PVCs. They are LEED Certification-friendly. It doesn’t get much greener than this.

•    Bamboo is a sustainable material that regenerates like a weed. You can buy woven bamboo shades or bamboo slats. Bring the exotic in.

Okay, let’s make a deal. It’s the beginning of January. If your resolution was to upgrade the look of your home, then make it happen. There are tons of great deal happening right now to save you money and the cost of shipping. I’m going shopping right now to get my home looking the best it can and I hope you do, too.

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