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Dec 1 2010

It wasn’t so long ago that when we had a question we had to make a trip to find the answer. The trip might have been to a neighbor’s house, to the library or to a hardware store. We were more social back in the day. Today, consumers want information right away. It takes time from a busy schedule to stop by a neighbor’s house when the same information can be found in a few minutes by a Google search.

As far as window treatments go, a quick question should produce a quick answer. For those looking through the traditional means of information like blogs and articles, this can take a little time. For those who are more visual learners, or want an answer in a minute or less, check out Blinds Chalet’s new informative videos. The videos can be found on YouTube and offer helpful advice such as ways to clean and maintain window treatments and how to narrow down choices in a market of thousands of products.

The videos are intended to answer the most common questions in regards to window treatments. By making them under a minute, even the shortest attention spans will be fulfilled. Below are some topics covered by these informative videos.

1.    Measuring Blinds
2.    Finding the Most Energy Efficient Blinds
3.    Cleaning Plastic or Metal Blinds
4.    Cleaning Wooden Blinds
5.    Choosing Window Coverings, Part 1
6.    Choosing Window Coverings Part 2
7.    Reducing Dust From Collecting on Blinds
8.    Recycling Your Blinds

Other videos cover topics such as what types of blinds are on the market and which might best suit your needs. For example, they cover window treatments like woven wood blinds and bamboo roller shades from Tavarua, Major League Baseball Window Shades, Valencia Cordless Roman Shades, cellular shades, faux wood shades and more.

Video is just beginning to emerge as one more tool for companies to get in touch with their consumers. It’s an easy non-invasive way to disseminate information. Feel free to spend all the extra time you have with friends and family.

Within the course of a couple of minutes, you can find all the answers you need with window treatment videos. Go to YouTube and type in your questions. The visual element also helps explain cleaning techniques. Now it’s easy to get answers to questions like which window treatments are the most energy efficient, or how do I recycle my blinds? If you haven’t checked out videos on blinds and shades, take a look today.

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