The Best Kitchen Window Blinds

Oct 14 2010

Kitchen window blinds have to be made of certain materials in order to last. You want materials that won’t warp or distort when exposed to moisture. You want something that won’t retain odors or show stains, something that’s easy to clean and something that will last.

Those looking to replace kitchen window blinds or install new blinds should stay away from fabric window shades or blinds. Fabrics will show stains, can be hard to clean and hold onto odor. After a few years, you might end up with window treatments that smell like fried eggs or steak. A quick wipe down of window treatments doesn’t always work because grease can smear dirt. So here are a few options for simple, beautiful window treatments that work in the kitchen:

1.    Embassy 2” Faux Wood Blinds. These faux wood blinds are affordable and look good. They don’t absorb moisture and are built to withstand cracking and chipping. These window treatments are built to last. Faux wood can be easily cleaned with a little bit of sudsy water. They come standard with a 2x2 metal headrail and a 3 inch custom crown valance.

2.    Aspen 2” Faux Wood Blinds. The Aspen blinds are classic and tasteful. They are so similar to wood no one will know the difference. You’ll be the only one to know when you pay the bill. The various stains available were designed to match existing furniture, or you can opt for a painted version. Cleaning is a no-hassle job.

3.    Chalet Composite Shutters. If you’re looking for something a little bit different than a traditional window treatment, consider the composite shutters. They are built from American hardwood and polymer. They don’t crack or warp. They come with a shutter tilt bar that has a ‘no mouse hole’ design which lest the louver shut more tightly in both directions. The spring-loaded design almost eliminates gaps on the side of each louver for impressive privacy and light control. These blinds are created in the United States and can be built in close to two weeks.

Before ordering your kitchen window blinds, you should decide on your overall design theme for the room. Would you rather pick up colors in existing wood furniture or would you rather go with a clean painted look? To help decide, find a company that will send you free samples so you can see how the final product will look in your home.

There are choices when decorating a kitchen. Make sure you find the best fit for your home. Despite the popular belief that aluminum blinds are the only window treatments that work in kitchens, faux wood blinds are gaining in popularity. They don’t cost a lot, can be delivered quickly and come in a variety of colors and styles.

People will think you spent the money to get real wood blinds for your kitchen, but these window treatments will last longer, look better and will be easier to clean that other window treatments.

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