Bamboo Window Treatments

Sep 21 2010

There is a huge appeal to using bamboo in homes. It’s environmentally friendly. It’s sustainable. It helps preserve forests of oak, pine and maple. Because of how quickly it grows - several inches per day, there’s no need to worry about bamboo going extinct. Bamboo also gives an exotic feel to houses and office spaces. There is a Pacific Island feel that comes with woven bamboo products.

More and more window treatment companies are offering bamboo roller shades, blinds and sliding panels. Take some time to research the companies offering the product. If possible, ask for samples before ordering, so you know what kind of quality product you will get. Tavarua Bamboo Roller Shades are biodegradable, kind to the earth because they don’t use pesticides or insecticides, and are made from a woven bamboo that offers an elegant solar screen roller shade, but brings and exotic bamboo flair to the design.

Roller shades come in varying weaves. The higher the number, the more ‘open’ the shades are, meaning the more light that comes through even though UV rays and glare are blocked out. With the Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shades, there’s a wide selection of different colors and types of stain. Their Akita version of the roller shade has a 20% openness factor, the Bamboo Palm offers a little more privacy with a 10% openness weave. The Sendai weave is available with an 8% openness factor. All of these blinds come with an optional upgrade for a bamboo valance, which provides a more finished look to a room.

Bamboo is pretty much an all-adaptive plant. It can grow virtually anywhere in the world. No water needed besides what the rain provides. Nature takes care of itself. No insecticides like cotton needed.

Tavarua also offers what they call the ‘Basic Bamboo Shade.’ Even though they use the word basic, these are anything but. They offer elegance, beauty and a unique style for any room. These blinds are intended for rooms that are high up or are simply trying to block the sun’s glare, or offer a little shade. Because of the woven pattern, they are not recommended as privacy blinds.

For those who want privacy blinds, consider adding a fabric liner to give complete privacy. Bamboo brings in a layer of texture and style to any room. Some bamboo blinds come with decorative edge bindings, which can bring in an accent color. When opened, they fold up like a roman shade.

Bamboo has even spread to ring drapery. Bamboo drapery is already bound, so additional edge bindings are not needed. This keeps the ends from cracking or breaking. Because they are woven wood, bamboo blinds can be fragile and are not recommended for high traffic areas where kids and pets have access to them.

The last bamboo product to consider from Tavarua is the exotic bamboo sliding panels. These are perfect for southern homes or homes that are utilizing a tropical theme or design. They fold behind one another when open, so will come out of the wall a bit. The ambiance they offer can’t be matched by a traditional window blinds or shade.

For those who are concerned with man’s effect on the environment, the Tavarua line of bamboo window treatments are the perfect way to add style to a home without environmental damage. For those who aren’t concerned with the environment, consider these window treatments on the basis of how fabulous they look in any house or office.

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