Benefits of Bamboo

Jul 23 2010

Bamboo has come into its own over the last few years. From textiles to construction materials, bamboo is proving its strength and versatility have a lot to offer. The most recent segment of the home improvement industry to benefit from bamboo is window treatments. Bamboo grows like a weed. Even after cut, the root system stays in tack and new trees grow. Unlike pine and oak forests that take decades to recover, bamboo is considered a sustainable resources because of the resilience and speed with which it grows back.

Some of the benefits of bamboo include growing without pesticides or insecticides, providing critical habitat for wildlife, being rain-fed as opposed to needing significant quantities of irrigated water in which to grow. Traditionally grown cotton requires large quantities of insecticides and pesticides to kill the boll weevil and other insects. The offshoot of that is that waterways become polluted and wildlife endangered, especially aquatic life.

Wood is a natural substance, but doesn’t grow at the same rate as bamboo. Bamboo shoots up four inches every day. Pine, oak and mahogany take decades to replenish while bamboo can be harvested within the first year. Not only that, their root system creates an underground trap for water, preventing mudslides.

Bamboo acts more like a weed than a tree. It is considered to be among the most quickly developing plants on earth. This substance is as strong as steel and has been used in Pacific countries for years in home building. Because bamboo retains flexibility in the material after being harvested, unlike concrete, it is safer for areas exposed to earthquakes, as the house fluctuates with the quake instead of trying to resist it.

For every acre of bamboo grown, the trees remove thirty tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. This helps stabilize the planet against the effects of human waste and pollutants in the air. The texture and coloration of bamboo creates and elegant touch as an interior design element or as a structural element.

As far as cost goes, bamboo is considerably cheaper than other wood products. The ease of harvesting and abundance with which it grows helps keep costs down. Tavarua Basics Bamboo rollup shades filter light in homes, are environmentally friendly and cheaper than real wood blinds and shades.

Bamboo can grow in almost any temperature from rainforests to the mountains. They encourage beneficial insects in the environment unlike plants that require pesticides, which end up killing both harmful and beneficial insects.

Tavarua rollup bamboo blinds offer privacy and protection against the sun’s rays. The woven pattern does allow some natural light in but blocks the majority of glare. Bamboo flooring can be installed to compliment window treatments or vice versa. Cabinets, bed frames and more are all available in bamboo.

For those who are environmentally or eco-minded, bamboo is an affordable material that has strength, endurance and beauty. This is a great alternative to pesticide soaked products and buyers can feel comfortable that they are contributing to a safer planet.

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