Blinds Chalet Announces Window Shades and Blinds May Reduce Occurrences of Migraines

Jul 10 2010

Blinds Chalet's window shades and blinds may reduce the occurrence of migraines. A recent study by Missouri State University’s Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences discovered “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep deprivation caused increased expression of the proteins which are known to play an important role in initiating and sustaining chronic pain,” reports The National Sleep Foundation.

The study further reported that lack of sleep creates a biological environment that is conducive to migraines. Getting a good night’s sleep – a minimum of eight hours for adults and often up to ten hours for teenagers and younger children – may help relive symptoms of migraines. Using window shades and blinds can help encourage a more restful sleep, as window treatments are known to block the glare of sunlight and insulate against noise and the elements.

Honeycomb or cellular shades provide more insulation against heat, cold and noise than other window treatments. Blackout shades and blinds also help create an atmosphere that fools the body into thinking it is time to sleep no matter what time of day it is. Turning off or removing TVs from bedrooms also helps induce a better night’s sleep.

“The pain of migraines can literally be crippling,” says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet. “If installing window shades and blinds can help create an atmosphere conducive to sleep in order to help prevent migraines, isn’t it worth it?”

Blinds Chalet has been a leader in the window treatment industry for over 25 years. They specialize in cellular shades, window blinds, drapery, drapery hardware, shutters and more.
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