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Do you sell room darkening shades that really block out light?
If you are looking for the most blackout, you are going to want to look at our SlumberShades.

Our SlumberShades are the ultimate blackout shade. Combining the blackout fabric with energy saving sidetracks, as well as top and bottom seals, these shades are designed to offer you the most blackout of all the shades that we carry. They create a dark, comfortable environment that is the most ideal for sleeping.

SlumberShades block both light and air leaks on all sides of the shades with fuzzy top and bottom seals. Made with insulating blackout material, these blinds will help you save energy and lower energy bills.

These blinds can only be used for an inside mounting application since you do have to install tracks. If you do not have space to mount inside or if you are looking for something different, you do have other options...

Since you are looking for blackout, you want to make sure that the product says that they are blackout. You will usually see the blackout in the name of the product, for example: Premier 9/16" Blackout Single Cell Shades or Valencia Blackout Roman Shades.

Some of our products, you are able to achieve the blackout, but you will have to add the blackout upgrade. Some of our roman shades are like that as well as some of our bamboo shades. There is typically an upgrade fee of 40% to add that liner to the product.

Another thing to consider is the light gap on the sides of the shades. If you are doing an inside mount, although you are providing the exact window measurements, just be aware that there is likeliness that light will seep out of the sides of the shades. You will not get that 100% blackout. When ordering for an outside mount, please be sure to add enough to the width and height. This will ensure enough overlap to lessen the light seeping through the sides of the blinds.

Please contact customer service with any questions that you might have.

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