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Custom Drapery Panels
Apr 30 2010

When it comes to custom drapery panels, the choice is all yours. There are always many different fabric styles and colors to choose from. Ring top, grommet drapery panels, French pleat and rod pocket curtains to name a few. There are also many choices in fabric; floral, sheers, stripes, harlequin designs and more.

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What Makes Solar Window Shades A Summer Favorite?
Apr 29 2010

No matter where people are, they generally like to enjoy the view from their windows but often the glare that comes from the sun as well as the amount of heat that enters makes it difficult to enjoy the view, thus Designer Solar Window Shades were invented. The unique shades allow you to control the amount of glare and heat that enters into a room. And with the recent introduction of Designer Solar Window Shades, people are excited to add a little spice to their rooms!

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Window Blinds - A Worthy Expense
Apr 28 2010

Window blinds can be an inexpensive home purchase. However some see them as an expense that they would like to avoid at all costs. Don't miss the entire point of purchasing good, quality window blinds! They're not just a design expense. They're more like a good investment home improvement.

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Proper Installation of Window Blinds Depends Upon Proper Measurement
Apr 27 2010

Properly installing window blinds is impossible if the process didn't begin with proper window measurement. Sadly, many novice shoppers fail to recognize the importance of measurements until it's too late.

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Bamboo Blinds - Versatile Window Coverings
Apr 26 2010

Bamboo blinds come in both horizontal and vertical styles, and all choices are attractive, economical, and durable. Offering just as much privacy and light control as other fabric blinds, bamboo woven wood shades add to the ambiance of your space. With your bamboo blinds, decide whether you prefer horizontal or vertical, whether you prefer authentic bamboo or a bamboo shade alternative, and decide what upgrades you would like to complete the look you desire.

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5 Window Shades Design Considerations
Apr 25 2010

Homeowners looking to purchase new window shades or blinds can be distracted or even overwhelmed by the growing number of available products in the industry. There are always new promotional pricing deals advertised. There are countless new features available as well as options, custom color choices, etc. With all the available details to sift through consumers often miss some of the basics and find themselves discontent with their final product. And when homeowners are looking for increased curb appeal, or a drastic update by purchasing window blinds getting the details right is vital. 

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The Benefit Of Faux Wood Blinds
Apr 24 2010

Consumers are often unaware of the difference between faux wood blinds and real wood blinds. Not only do many not know the difference between the two, but they are also unaware of the benefits of faux wood blinds. There positives and negatives to any product. And the same goes faux and wood blinds. Once shoppers make themselves aware of the differences and the advantages to each it is normally obvious which is the better choice for their specific situation.

JC Penney Blinds Can Be A Window Blind Option However....
Apr 23 2010

JC Penney blinds are often on the list of stores to shop when people are looking for affordable window blinds. The company has been around for quite a long time which gives them an advantage and consumers trust the name. They expect high quality window blinds at a "steal" of a price however that isn't always the result. The "brand" you recognize isn't always the best option.

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Discount Window Blinds Can Still Be High Quality Blinds
Apr 22 2010

If you are looking for an inexpensive window blind solution, then shop around for discount window blinds. You have to be a savvy shopper to find a quality blind for a discount price. Many consumers are looking for the exact same thing... and are finding it by shopping for discount window blinds online.

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