Custom Drapery Panels

Apr 30 2010

When it comes to custom drapery panels, the choice is all yours. There are always many different fabric styles and colors to choose from. Ring top, grommet drapery panels, French pleat and rod pocket curtains to name a few. There are also many choices in fabric; floral, sheers, stripes, harlequin designs and more.

Drapery rods also come in many different styles and options. Choose from wood, metal, wrought iron, art deco finishes and more. Combining the perfect drapery with the perfect rod is sure to add a very unique and attractive look to your windows. Look for drapery made in the USA to help boost our economy.

For greater convenience and to be more visually attractive, the fullness of the drapery is built right into it. To determine the size you need, all you need to do is measure the area you need to have covered. As a rule of thumb, the fullness is about 2 times the size of the panel but this not always the case across the board.

You usually are unable to get the rod included in the drapery package, however, if you upgrade you are usually able to get the liners which normally do not come with the drapery. There are two basic kinds of liners. There are the liners that are designed to keep a room lit by letting in some sunlight while retaining privacy. Then there are the liners that are designed to block out as much of the light as possible. These types of liners are referred to as blackout liners and can actually assist with heating and cooling costs and help in noise reduction.

Drapery panels and drapery rods are designed fit together. Depending on your preferences, there are many different rod finishes you can choose from but it is important to keep in mind the style of drapery you will have. Many kinds of drapery panels have attached fabric which lends itself to a flowing look. Others incorporate the use of rings that cling to drapes or are sewn in. One popular style of drapery is the rod pocket style. The drapery is hung on the rod by a pocket actually created in the fabric. Because of this, there is no need for rings to be used.

Ring tops panels are a style of drapery that many are drawn to. There are two types of ring top panels to choose from; the first features clip on drapery rings. Each ring is attached to the top part of the curtain with a clip. The second type of ring top panel features rings that are sewn into the panel. Each panel comes with as many rings as will be required.

French pleat drapery panels provide a fun and classy look for a home. These panels are pinched at the top to create the pleat. Each of the panels are connected to the rod using a drapery clip that is attached using a pin on the back side of the drapery panel. Many people are also drawn to grommet drapery panels. These panels include metal grommets at the top of the to drapery panel to secure the panels to the rod.

Many businesses that once were exclusively window blind suppliers are now expanding their line into the drapery business. Many customers will find that this creates a one-stop shopping experience. With the addition of custom drapery, many large windows can be instantly transformed into something of noteworthy beauty.
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