Proper Installation of Window Blinds Depends Upon Proper Measurement

Apr 27 2010

Properly installing window blinds is impossible if the process didn't begin with proper window measurement. Sadly, many novice shoppers fail to recognize the importance of measurements until it's too late.

Inaccurate or improper measurements of your windows will lead to shoddy installation. Shoddy installation will lead to a dissatisfaction with your window treatments purchase. Improper installation can leave noticeable gaps between the treatment and the window casing that are obvious even at 1/8 inch.

There are simple guidelines you can follow to ensure you have the basic window blinds measurements you need to get started. You may find that the product you eventually end up with requires additional or slightly altered measurements, but starting the process off with the appropriate basic measurements is important. You will use them to gather estimates on pricing and unless the product you choose to purchase requires "special instruction" measurements you'll be ready to go with your exact measurements when it's time to buy.

Without some idea of what type of window blind you want to eventually buy and install you need to gather measurements for two types of common install. You'll need measurements for an inside a window frame/casing mount as well as measurements for an above the window mount.

When you plan on mounting window shades outside your window casing you should take three measurements vertically and three measurements horizontally. Stick to an exact measurement to 1/8 of an inch. If you are planning on mounting horizontal blinds you need to add 3 inches to both your length and your width measurements. If you're planning on mounting vertical blinds you must add 4 inches to the width and 3 inches to the length measurements.

To measure for an inside mount window blind like faux wood blinds, wood blinds, bamboo blinds or more, you will again need to take three measurements vertically and three measurements horizontally. Out of your measurements you should use the longest vertical measurement and the shortest horizontal measurement. Do not round up or down. Take the measurement to the nearest 1/8 inch without any deductions.

When mounting inside the window casing you'll also need to take a depth measurement. This is so that your product will be able to mount and hang flush with the interior wall after installation. The depth measurement is taken between the interior wall and the window. You should be able to access depth requirements for any products you are considering easily on their list of specifications.

These basic measuring guidelines can't guarantee that you're installation will go smoothly and perfectly. But it can definitely get your search for the right window blind off to the best start. You'll have what you need for cost estimates and you'll have the ordering and installation measurements you need for the majority of window blind products out there.
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