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5 Window Shades Design Considerations

Apr 25 2010

Homeowners looking to purchase new window shades or blinds can be distracted or even overwhelmed by the growing number of available products in the industry. There are always new promotional pricing deals advertised. There are countless new features available as well as options, custom color choices, etc. With all the available details to sift through consumers often miss some of the basics and find themselves discontent with their final product. And when homeowners are looking for increased curb appeal, or a drastic update by purchasing window blinds getting the details right is vital. 

Interested homeowners should consult the following list of 5 Design Considerations to remember when looking to buy window shades or blinds. Considering each on the list increases the probability that the installed product will meet all expectations of the consumer post-purchase. The list is not all inclusive, but it is definitely a solid start for the novice blinds shopper. 

1. Always remember that your blinds and other window shades are going to be a part of the decor of your home. They will be one of the very few aspects of your home that will be visible from the inside and the outside. So don't forget that they need to accent the design scheme you currently have in place. 

2. Consider your own priorities. What is most important to you when it comes to window coverings? Make yourself a clear cut list so it's easy to identify the advantages of the listed features of each product as you consider and compare. What is important to you? Discount pricing? Style? Energy efficiency? Light blocking capabilities? Versatility (like top down, bottom up features, etc.)

3. Keep the pricing in mind, both short and long term. If you are considering energy efficiency products you can use online energy savings calculators to estimate your monthly savings after installation. This could offset the initial cost of your purchase. 

4. Privacy is one of the main purposes of window shades. It's surprising how often people overlook the importance of this vital aspect. Remember that you'll need more privacy on ground floor windows as well as any bathrooms and bedrooms. Keep your own floor plan in mind and try to envision in which other areas you might need additional privacy. 

5. Safety is always an issue. Many industry experts suggest that all consumers stick to cordless purchases for safety reasons. The corded varieties pose a safety risk to small children as they can become entangled in the dangling cords that operate the blinds or shades. If you have small children or have frequent visits from small children you will definitely want to restrict your purchases to cordless varieties. 

Updating your home with faux wood blindswood blinds, bamboo woven wood shades, roman shades or other types of window blinds can be one of the easiest and most affordable home improvement projects a homeowner undertakes. And it's one of the home improvement projects that can provide homeowners with a drastic change. So go out with a clear idea of what you're looking for and then make sure that you get it. Because in today's can bet it's available.
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