Black Mini Blinds Create Style

May 13 2010

Using black in a room is a bold move. It attracts attention, creates contrast and if not used properly, can make a room look smaller. But if used correctly, black can bring an element of style and elegance to a room, tying in window treatments to the overall design of the room. Black mini-blinds in particular can add a gloss or a glitter to a room, becoming a focal point while at the same time creating privacy and a feeling of security. Using black mini-blinds has the following benefits:

1.    Black window blinds foster an environment of privacy. They are one of the most effective window treatments for keeping light out. A great application for black window treatments is in a home theatre room, where the darkness accentuates the vibrancy of the movie. Another great place to try out black blinds is in the bathroom, especially if the room is on street level. Creating a dark atmosphere also helps those who sleep during the day and work at night. The darker the room, the more your body will believe its night and time to sleep.

2.    Black attracts heat and sun. The sun’s rays are absorbed by black mini blinds then released into the room. During the cold winter months, using black window blinds is a great way to save a few bucks on energy bills. If you have a south facing room, black will boost the amount of heat you get from the sun.

3.    You have to be careful when using black to decorate a room. Black is best used as an accent color and used sparsely, especially if the room is somewhat small. Small spaces need brighter, lighter colors to help them feel larger. However, adding a splash of black makes the room visually interesting and can contrast against a white leather couch, a red rug and black standing lights.

4.    If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then black mini-blinds are going to make you happy. These window treatments start at under $20.00 for a single blind. Decorating an entire house can come in at only a couple hundred dollars or less. Since installing window blinds is one of the ways to increase the resale value of a house, aluminum mini-blinds are best bargain for the buck.

5.    Black blinds work in all sorts of places. From houses to garages to RVs and mini-vans, there’s almost no place a black blinds can’t go. For practical purposes, mini-blinds fold up into small spaces and are easy to use.

Most window treatment companies offer blinds in custom sizes. Be sure to ask before you order if you have odd shaped windows or any window that isn’t a standard size. Assistants should be available to guide you as to how to measure your windows and which size would be the best fit for you. Wand tilts are available and advised for any families with young children.

Be sure to ask if your blinds come with a limited lifetime warranty. This will protect you in case of cracking or faulty workings. Rush production is also an option if you’re getting ready to put your RV on the market, or if you are about to start showing your house. Using black will grab people’s attention and make your room memorable.
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