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Wooden Window Blinds With an Added Bonus

May 3 2010

Free is good. Companies and corporations know that, which is why a lot of marketing includes the word free. However, one place you don’t always hear free is when it comes to window treatments. People looking to buy window treatments generally don’t end up buying a car. They aren’t impulse shopping, instead they are looking for something specific. So when you see free paired up with what you already wanted to buy, it makes the deal sweeter.

With the economic crisis, companies have been struggling to find ways to set themselves above competing companies. Companies also know their customers aren’t spending as freely as they used to. People are comparison shopping and utilizing the Internet to make shopping easier. When you’re looking for the best deals out there, look for companies that consistently offer discounts and coupons but also offer professional service.

If wooden window blinds are the type of window treatment you are in the market for, then you probably enjoy a touch of nature and warmth in your surroundings. Wood blinds come in various qualities and colors, so be sure you are getting a product that is going to last. Your wood window blinds should be designed to function with ease and have contours and finished edges to show a professional product.

Real basswood blinds are a great option for high quality blinds. They are durable and work well in any setting, be it house or office. Be sure to look at the details of the blinds you have and ensure the craftsmanship is up to par.

Because companies are trying to turn a profit, they sometimes charge for every little accessory to the blinds, including the brackets to hang them with. Other companies, those who understand their consumers, are offering monthly discounts on all products of up to 30%, as well as giving added incentives on their products. Look for name brands like Summit and Embassy.

Beyond the discounts, what else is included with the blinds? Do they add a free valance? A valance is a crafted piece of woodwork that is placed over the blind to complete the look. A valance works best when it’s constructed of the same material as the blind.

Standard valances have a crown molding finish, while some brands have their own signature design that is more modern. A cornice valance is similar to a crown molding but adds an extra 1” of material outside the frame.

Of course, if you are looking for window treatments and you have small children, or small children spend time at your place, be sure to choose wooden window blinds that conform to child safety guidelines.

So when you’re in the market for wooden window blinds, find out about the company you’re buying from. Do they understand your needs? Are they professional? How quickly will they deliver? There are a lot of choices out there, make sure you choose a company that puts the customer first.
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