Cellular Shade Pleat Sizes

May 5 2010

Just like wood blinds, cell shades come in different sizes. The pleats or cells are designed with a unique hexagonal shape that can vary in size. Honeycomb pleat size is mainly for esthetics however the pleat size will have minimal effect on the insulation of the shades. Our honeycomb cell shades can be classified into three categories or pleat sizes. Small, medium, and large.

Small Pleat Size Cell Shades
Our small pleat sizes range from 3/8 inch cell shades to 7/16" cell shades. The small pleat cell shades are proportioned from small to medium windows. Although these honeycomb shades can be used for virtually any size windows. With small pleat size shades, larger windows can appear busy with the amount of pleats.

Medium Pleat Size Cell Shades
Medium pleat cell shades are either 1/2 inch cell shades or 9/16 inch cell shades. Medium pleat size cell shades are ideal for medium size windows.

Large Pleat Size Cell Shades
Honeycomb cell shades with 3/4 inch cell shades are designed for larger windows. Available in both light filtering and blackout shades.

Number of Cells
Honeycomb shades can also come in single cell shades, double cell shades, and triple cell shades. Typically the more cells a shade has the more insulation they provide. The light filtration of the cell shade fabrics also determine the insulation of the shades. Blackout fabrics insulate better than translucent fabrics. The best combination of the number of cells and light filtration will create the best insulating shades.

When choosing the correct honeycomb shades, determine what matters most. Do you want a shade with best insulation? Do you want to block all the light or do you want filtered light to enter the room during the daylight hours? Is your window small, medium, or large? These factors will help you choose the right honeycomb shades for your windows.
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