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Is There An Easy Way To Fix Scratches In Wood Blinds?

Mar 21 2010

I read online once about fixing scratched wood furniture using a walnut. Not sure that it is a perfect solution but those that tried it on wood said it worked. I guess it's worth a shot on blinds!

Fix Wood Blinds
As with any wood furniture, wooden blinds can get dinged or scratched. Follow these easy steps to repair minor damage:

Step 1: Identify scratches and areas on the wood blinds to repair.

Step 2: Buy a bag of cracked walnuts removed from their shells.

Step 3: Select a walnut and rub the wood blinds along the scratch. The damaged area will darken as the oil from the nut transfers to the wood.

Step 4: Repeat the process for all scratches on the wooden blinds.

Walnuts are a simple home remedy that can be used to repair any scratched or damaged real wood furniture like magic. Its not the nut but the oil in the bit that does the trick.

For larger areas or lots of damage use Danish oil and fine steel wool. Its probably cheaper and easier than walnuts!
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