JC Penny Blinds: Are They Really Easier than Blinds Chalet?

Mar 14 2010

Do you wonder if it would just be easier to buy JC Penny blinds? After all, it seems easier. They are a store that you know and trust. What you may not know is choosing Blind Chalet can give you comparable blinds at a fraction of the cost.

Same Blinds Different Name
At Blinds Chalet, we only offer high quality custom blinds. What may surprise you is that some of the blinds we offer are the same blinds JC Penny offers. That is right. Sometimes we share the same blinds manufacturer.The difference is price. Since we do not have retail chains strewn across America, we do not have the same overhead prices that you find at JC Penny. In fact, we can offer competitive prices because we don't. The money we save on over head goes directly to you.

Save More by Measuring Your Own Window
When you order blinds from JC Penny, they come out and measure your window (for a price.) Here, we give you all the instructions you need and give illustrations on how to properly measure. You can find everything you need to measure a window in our Knowledge Base. Again, the money you save by doing it yourself is money that goes directly in your pocket.

Live Customer Support
Still most people want to shop at JC Penny so they have someone to talk to. However, we have a toll free number (888-633-7840) and a live chat box. Whether you prefer to talk on the phone or on the Internet, someone is there to talk to you, live.While we understand the desire to go somewhere to purchase blinds, in today's modern world, it just makes more sense to buy online.
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