Roman Shades: What Makes Them Different?

Jan 18 2010

If you have been looking around for window treatments, then undoubtedly you have come across Roman shades. However, you may not know what makes Roman shades different from other blinds. Since this is a popular question, we have decided to give a brief description of what makes Roman shades so unique.

The Difference in Stacking
The main difference between Roman shades and other window treatments is the way they stack or fold. When Roman shades are partially or fully raised, the blinds fold on top of each other from the top down. Any portion not raised will remain smooth and flat.

Other window blinds stack from the bottom up. Thus, it gathers at the bottom, while Roman shades gather at the top. This slight difference gives a more elegant look to the shade, which many people prefer.

The Many Options of Roman Shades
Roman shades can come in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can choose from standard colors like Garnet, Blue, Olive, Onyx, Taupe, and Vanilla to name a few. Because they are made with fabric the color choices can be endless. They also come in a woven wood look and as patterns such as leaves.

In addition, these shades come in light filtering, blackout and day and night varieties. This makes it easy to customize exactly how much light you let in the room.

Safety Concerns with Young Children
For those concerned about recent recalls, you can purchase cordless Roman shades. Another safety option is to purchase shades with a liner. The built in liner will hide the cord on the back of the shade making it safe for children. As an added bonus, the honeycomb shades save you money on your energy bill.
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