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Window Shades: Single and Double Cell Shades Available on Any Budget

Jan 20 2010

Single and double cell window shades provide insulation on any budget. With so many options and so many styles, if you want to save on your energy bill, then selecting the perfect window shade is easy on a variety of budgets.

ComforTrack Double Cell Shades
This is the top of the line when it comes to saving energy and looking good. The ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack System provides excellent insulation. In fact, it is rated as 5 times greater than a standard windowpane. When you add the insulation factor of the double cell design, you just can't beat it.

  • Benefits:
    • The ComforTrack System qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit.
    • It comes in both translucent and blackout varieties.
    • It comes in a wide range of colors.

Single Cell Shades
While the single cell shades do not offer as much insulation as the double cell, it still provides substantial insulation for your home.

If you have a little extra in your budget then you will want to look at the Deluxe Single Cell Shades. The extra wide pleat gives the shades a touch of elegance for just a little bit more money.

For houses with young children, go for the cordless variety. While all window shades at Blind Chalet meet child safety standard, it is highly recommended to purchase the cordless option for any home with young children.
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