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Fabric Pleated Shades with No Holes Privacy

Jan 13 2010

Pleated Shades
We have just added pleated shades to our website available in both light filtering and room darkening fabric. Both versions come with "no holes privacy". No holes privacy pleated shades are different than standard pleated shades in that they offer no visible holes through the front of the shades. Each pleated shade is designed with a tab on the back of each pleat through which the lift cords run. This upgrade offers better light blockage and more privacy.

Pleated shades offer minimal obstruction of the view through the window as they compress tightly when raised. Pleated shades also offer a wide selection of fabric styles and colors to choose from.

Browse our selection of pleated shades with "No Holes Privacy":
Light Filtering Pleated Shades w/ No Holes Privacy
Room Darkening Pleated Shades w/ No Holes Privacy
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