The Absolutely Perfect Television Placement

Aug 5 2013

Is a shiny new TV about to move into your home? Bring the television in gracefully by not making it a focal point. All of the furniture doesn't have to face the TV when not being watched. It can sit quietly on a wall or credenza until it's time to be put to good use. Don't let the abnormality of a TV restrict your living room palette or clash with furnishings.

Height and Depth
The best viewing angle for you is straight on at eye-level so your head is in the middle of the screen, while the TV should sit about 4 feet off the floor.

Here are some helpful rules of thumb for optimal viewing distance:

32" screen = 4-6.5 feet
40" screen = 5-8.5 feet
52" screen = 6.5-11 feet
65" screen = 8-13.5 feet

Over the Fireplace = No, No
If you can help it, avoid placing the TV on or over the fireplace for several reasons. If the TV is above your head, your viewing will not be as pleasurable because you will be straining your neck when looking up at it. If you absolutely can't find a better place, hang it on a wall mount and angle it downward. Also, consider the heat from the cracking fire. Depending on how your house was built, the heat could emanate right through the wall and melt your investment.

Built-In Cabinets
The concealable television can fit snugly in a built-in cabinet or bookcase off to the side, surrounded by books, photos and collectibles. Swivel shelves allow TV viewing from different angles, thus solving the design dilemma these eyesores cause.

Eliminate Glare
Windows are often a burden because the glare from daylight hinders optimum viewing, and can cause eye strain. Don't put your TV in front of a window or opposite a west-facing window. An even simpler solution is to add opaque, room-darkening blackout shades to cover your windows.

Football Season
If more than one of you in the house love to watch football in the fall and you have the space, it's perfectly acceptable to bring an extra TV into the scene so no one misses a play. After all, you've probably spent your fair share on the NFL ticket, and you and your family want every benefit you can get out of that deal. All football, all season long.

Hide the Cords
Imagine... you've finally found the ideal setup for your television in the living room. The only thing left is to hide those cords. It's especially tough when a flatscreen is mounted on the wall with nothing underneath. Thankfully, you're not the only one with this issue. There are several cord concealer products out there. Plug Hub ($24) organizes cords and covers the electrical strip; paintable cord covers and crown molding attach to the wall to conceal wires.

Consider a power IWPE (in-wall power extension) or bridge kit which offers everything you need to hide signal wires and run power up to TV. Also, don't just drop an extension cord in the wall because it's against National Electric Code.

by Brandon Jolley

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