Installing Window Blinds

Dec 20 2009

Did you know how easy it is to install your own blinds? If you can use a screwdriver and own a measuring tape, then you can install your own window blinds.

Window Blind Installation Tips
  • Reaching the Blinds - First, you will want to find a good ladder or step stool so that installing the blinds is within comfortable reach.  
  • Gather the Materials - Next, make sure you have all the parts that were shipped in the window blinds box. Check the instructions to make sure everything is present. In addition, make note of the tools you need.
  • Starting the Installation - We bought blinds that fit inside the window. That meant we did not need to measure. All we had to do was start the installation at the top of the window.
If you are installing from the window blinds above the window, measure 1 inch above the window frame for installation.
  • Screwing it In - Once you get ready to screw everything in place, do not tighten everything down. Get all the screws ready and in place before tightening them. This way if you have to move something, you can.
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