My Heat Problems Flew the Coop!

Jun 30 2011

Blinds and Shades in Tucson, Arizona are a must. I had no intention of writing this letter, but my husband said you should hear about our experience.

We live on a farm, just south of Tucson, where we raise several head of livestock. We mostly have cattle, but we also have goats, pigs, three bison and about five hundred chickens. We sell the eggs (along with several other items) at the farmer’s market each week.

Recently it started getting hot here in the Tucson area, and it was really taking a toll on our livestock, but not nearly as bad as what it was doing to our chickens. Each evening I would go out to feed and water them, and gather the eggs. Lately, when I’d go into the coop, I would find two or three of them dead. We did not know what they were dying from. They didn’t appear to have been attacked by anything, and we knew that we had no sickness going around in the chicken coop, yet every evening I would find the same number of dead chickens. After about five days of this, it started to dawn on us that the expired chickens were all in the same places each time I found them. My husband finally realized that the chickens that were dying were the ones that were roosting in the sun’s rays, which were coming through the windows in the coop. The chickens would actually sit there and literally roast to death, and didn’t have the sense to move out of the sun’s rays. We have a swamp cooler on the roof of the chicken coop so the birds don’t get too hot, but there are three roosts that lie directly in the path of the sun’s rays that beat their way into the coop through the windows.

My husband suggested we get blinds to place in those windows. I thought it would be expensive, but we couldn’t afford to lose any more chickens, so we went to your web site (you also sold us the shades and blinds for our house). We ordered some vinyl mini blinds for the windows in the coop. Not only were the blinds very inexpensive, but they got to us within three days! It only took my husband about twenty minutes to install all three blinds, and our problem was instantly remedied!  I haven’t found any dead chickens since we installed the blinds.

Next time any of you are in Tucson, I owe you dinner. I hope you like roasted chicken!

With Gratitude,

Gracie Tolliver

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