Blinds and Shades Frequently Asked Questions

Apr 26 2011

Window treatments are a reflection of personal style. There are thousands of different colored shades and blinds. There are hundreds of fabrics, a plethora of styles. Once you’ve decided on what you like, then you have to figure out how to measure your windows, which types of coverings work best for which windows and more.

Choosing blinds and shades can be overwhelming. Let’s run through a few of the most frequently asked questions to help get you on your way to purchasing the perfect window treatments for you.

What are the most energy efficient blinds? Honeycomb or cellular shades can increase the energy efficiency in your home by blocking drafts and sealing in warm or cool air depending on the season.

How do I measure of blinds and shades? This will depend on whether you are mounting your window coverings on the inside of the window or the outside. We recommend contacting your window treatment company on-line or in person for exact instructions. Inside mounting means measuring the width and height in three different places from top to bottom and side to side in case the window is not exactly square or tapers in certain places. For external mounts, measure the window in three places and add three inches to the width and height. For horizontal blinds add four inches to the width and 3 inches to the height for exact measurements.

How do I clean my blinds? This will depend on the type of blinds and shades you own. Fabric shades can usually be vacuumed. Wood blinds, aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds and shutters can usually be cleaned with a feather duster or with a damp cloth. For extensive cleaning, window treatments should be removed.

How do I hang my blinds when I get them? Most companies include hardware to hang window treatments. If you are unsure as to how to hang your blinds, call a window treatment expert to hang them for you. All window treatments should come with detailed instructions.

What’s the difference between custom blinds and one-size-fits-all blinds? Custom blinds are created just for you. They are designed to fit the exact specifications of your windows. One-size-fits-all often means you will get blinds and shades that are too long or too wide and look out of place in your home. Custom blinds usually come with some type of warranty.

Just as there are hundreds of different styles of blinds and window treatments there are hundreds of different questions relating to them. We recommend doing a little research before you purchase window coverings. Ask for samples so you know what you’re getting.

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