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Consider Window Treatments as Art

Mar 16 2011

Considering window treatments as art may seem like a strange thing to do, but if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Windows are a huge part of any room. They let light in, they affect how bright a room is, how comfortable a room is depending on how energy efficient they are and more. Some people may be in the market for new blinds and others may be remodeling after purchasing a new home. Whatever the reason, before you go out and buy the simple, practical solutions for window treatments, consider your options for turning window treatments into art.

Shopping for window treatments sounds pretty easy until you realize all the choices you have. You could probably look at different styles and patterns for months without seeing the same thing twice. So one way to narrow down the search is to start with a color palette that you want to work with as well as what you want out of your window treatments – energy efficiency, glare reduction, privacy, etc.

The following ideas can turn window treatments into art:

1.    For those looking for energy efficient blinds, cellular blinds are your best bet, however the color selection can be limited and the look is simple, but not exciting. To spice up your windows, pair energy efficient blinds with custom drapery. This is where you can add your own personal flair. Decorative curtain holders can elegantly frame the window with the drapes, and when closed you have an additional layer of insulation.
2.    Try using a color that isn’t a part of your current color scheme. Using a color wheel can help you find contrasting colors that compliment the room. Look for Roman Shades with their great color palette of rich, sensuous colors.
3.    For those with a more tropical or beach flair to their homes, bamboo shades or woven wood shades are excellent at cutting glare and helping provide insulation from the sun. By using decorative window tapes, you can now add color if you like or stay neutral in order to frame in the window.
4.    For a more east coast look, consider shutters. They are easy to adjust depending how much light you want in the room while adding a quaint feel to the home. Shutters are a great addition to kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.
5.    Incorporate your window trim into your design. Try painting the window trim around the windows a different color than the trim for the rest of the house.

Believe it or not, you can have fun decorating your home. Consider that window treatments are often the first things noticed in a room. This is because the bright light from windows draws the eye towards them and whatever is surrounding them becomes the next noticeable item in the room. Make an impression with window treatments.

Because of the wide variety of colors and fabrics, be sure to order samples before making a final decision so you can see how textures and colors work with your current design. Make your room dramatic with window treatments and don’t limit yourself to boring, neutral colors.

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