Selecting Shades for Seniors

Feb 22 2011

Aging comes with little quirks of the body. Some days hands and knees are stiff, other days the whole body can feel just tired. Those who have heavy window shades may find it becomes harder to open them and close them while trying to prop the middle section for support. If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. However, there is a solution: purchasing window treatments that are lightweight and easy to operate. No one needs to waste time fussing with a window treatment just to let a little light in.

Selecting Shades for Seniors

•    Those who live in homes with oversize or large windows often use one window treatment for the entire space. If the window treatment is slatted or wood, the weight of the blinds can be difficult to open and close. Consider instead using a series of lightweight blinds instead of one and uniting the blinds with a single valance.
•    Lightweight window shades are a great replacement for wood blinds or horizontal blinds. Lightweight shades include cellular shades, soft sheer shades, roller or solar shades and roman shades.
•    Arthritis can make gripping cords a chore that isn’t necessary. Cordless blinds resolve the problem easily. There is a huge choice of fabrics, colors and styles. Look for honeycomb cellular shads, roman shades, pleated shades and aluminum mini blinds.
•    The last and most fun option is motorized blinds. These can be operated by a remote control so you don’t ever have to worry about opening or closing a blind by hand again. Consider roman shades, roller shades, solar screen shades and collegiate shades for easy to adjust glare reduction and blackout privacy.

For those looking for energy efficient blinds, we recommend honeycomb double cell shades. They can insulate up to 15 times more than a single pane of glass. For summer locations, soft sheer shades and roller shades will help protect against UV rays and help insulate against the sun.

A more traditional look can be had with Roman shades. Roman shades are best known for their rich fabrics that include silk and satin. Alternative options can incorporate a more modern look.
When looking for window treatments and shades for seniors, be sure to find a company you can trust. Trusted companies offer customer service as well as samples of blinds and shades for free so you can match your current color schemes. When ordering window treatments, be sure to measure window treatments according to specifications so the blinds or shades fit perfectly.

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