Feb 3 2011

Anyone who has had a couple of restless night’s sleep knows it can affect everything from mood to ability to function to motor skills. It’s kind of like being drunk as far delayed reaction times and motor skills are involved. Sleep studies recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night for optimum functioning. People who get a proper night’s sleep often reap the benefits of improved mood, creativity and efficiency. Some people who have the hardest time sleeping are day sleepers, meaning those people who work through the night and try to sleep during the day. The best way to create ideal conditions for sleeping is by creating a dark, comfortable atmosphere. This can easily be achieved with the SlumberShade.

With people’s sleep needs in mind, this shade was designed to promote a better night’s sleep. By utilizing a sidetrack system to block light from the sides of the blinds as well as from the top and bottom, people are able to gain a better night’s sleep. After a good night’s sleep, people just feel better.

To help get the best night’s sleep, the National Sleep Foundation is including a copy of their guide Better Sleep Through Light Management  with each order of SlumberShades. SlumberShades are the only window treatments on the market to utilize the sidetrack system. Outward facing portions of the sidetrack come in white, tan and bronze to match window trim, but also have a black liner designed to suck in light so it never reaches your room. On top of the blinds is a fuzzy seal that keeps light out. The SlumberShade sidetrack system pops off easily and is attached by a magnetic system that makes it easy to remove to clean shades.

Because of the honeycomb design, these shades help increase energy efficiency by keeping drafts out. The R-value tops 7.0 when used in conjunction with double-pane vinyl windows and give 2 ½ - 3 times more insulation than comparable shades that don’t have a sidetrack system.

SlumberShades are custom sized for windows that are anywhere from 9x9 to 96x120 inches. They also have five choices of hardware including:

•    Standard Rectangular
•    Top Down Bottom Up
•    Smoothly Continuous Cord
•    Cordless
•    Cordless Top Down Bottom Up

There are different fabrics and colors to choose from that give a neutral street facing appearance. They are the most effective blinds for darkening a room and are great not only for day sleepers, but for baby rooms, offices and home theater rooms.

When looking to buy shades on-line be sure to find a trusted dealer. Look for a customer service line as well as a company that offers samples to ensure you get the right color and material before you invest your money. Some companies offer discounts or free shipping, so look around for the best deal.

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