All-Season Window Decorating

Jan 11 2011

Most window treatments work well for a season or two, but don’t function effectively in the alternate seasons. When you live in climates that have four seasons, window treatments don’t usually work for all four seasons, which is why layering blinds brings both a decorative quality to windows as well as a functional quality. With one installation, you can have blinds and shades that not only filter light and UV rays, but that provide excellent insulation for the cold winter months. Below are a few suggestions for layering window blinds and shades.

•    EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades. If you want two shades in one without having to decide which shades, or what colors to use, the EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades do all the work for you. These are a combination of cellular shades that are used as a liner for insulation along with Roman Shades that offer elegance and class in any room. With both closed, there is not only privacy and style, but also excellent insulation that can reduce heating/air conditioning bills.

•    Solar Screen Shades and Custom Drapes. Windows that get a lot of sun are great for views, but can create a lot of fading due to UV rays. The sun can also cook a house pretty quickly and those that want an escape should turn to solar screen shades or roller screen shades. These shades keep views intact, but filter light for less eyestrain as well as glare on computer or television surfaces. The Custom drapes are what make these blinds all-season layers. They keep out the cold in the winter and help improve energy efficiency within the house. They allow for privacy, yet when open, they decorate windows and help complete color schemes in the room.

•    Woven Wood Shades and Shade Liners. Woven wood shades refer to those South Pacific style woven wood blinds, or grass blinds. They offer a very unique look to any room and bring in a tropical feel. The two things they don’t do are offer privacy or energy efficiency. In themselves, they are very decorative, but for practical purposes a liner is advised. A simple liner will give you privacy and help regulate temperatures within a room.

•    Soft Sheer Shades and Custom Drapes. Soft sheer shades are beautiful in any room. They are light-filtering but allow views. They reduce harsh light and warm up a room. However, the sheer properties mean they aren’t exactly energy-efficient. Layering these with custom drapes allows control over look and style as well as how much you want to save on your energy bills.

There are just a few possible laying decorations for windows. At any window treatment store, on-line or on the street, you should be able to take home or order samples so you can see how colors and textures will match your current interior design. Talk to a salesperson about your room and your specific needs so you can get the best combination for your home or office.

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