Blinds Chalet Ramps Up Content on Their YouTube Channel

Oct 9 2010

Blinds Chalet ramps up content on their YouTube Channel. Blinds Chalet’s YouTube channel is a service to help consumers understand the benefits of various window treatments. Topics deal with costs, recycling, how to choose the best window coverings for individuals and more.

“We understand not everyone wants to receive their information in text form,” says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet. “Our video content was designed to appeal to visual learners. The length of the informative articles is short and to the point. We understand how valuable consumer’s time is and we want to deliver what they need as succinctly as possible.”

Consumers can expect videos that cover the following topics and more:
•    How to Recycle Your Blinds
•    How to Choose Window Coverings
•    How to Clean Blinds
•    Environmentally Friendly Blinds
•    Energy Efficient Blinds

Window treatments today serve a variety of purposes from aesthetic window treatments like Roman Shades, to insulating blinds like Honeycomb or Cellular Shades. Blinds Chalet’s YouTube Channel talks about the differences between wood window shades, solar window shades and more.

“We want to offer helpful tips for consumers so they can find the window treatment that will work best for their needs,” says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet.”

Blinds Chalet has been a leader in the window treatment industry for over 25 years. They specialize in cellular shades, window blinds, drapery, drapery hardware, shutters and more.

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