Wood Cornices

Aug 31 2010

A wood cornice is an additional finish for a window treatment. It sits above a window treatment, shade, blind or drape. The purpose is to enhance the window, create depth and layers and to offer a finished, polished look. Some window treatments come with a standard valance or cornice, however some are offered additionally. These ones tend to have a more decorative flair and are more detailed or intricate in appearance.

Standard wood cornices can be upgraded or replaced to create a new look for a room without completely re-doing it. These window accents can dress up an otherwise plain room and can change the overall style of a room. Think of a wood cornice as a ribbon, bow or clip for your hair. You don’t need it, but it looks great.

Wood cornices add a decorative finish to window blinds and drapes. They not only create a focal point for the room, the variety of paints and stains can tie in with furniture or flooring accents or can stand alone. Platinum Wood Cornices come in sixteen varieties of paints and stains to match Platinum Wood Blinds. However, these cornices also provide a complimentary finish for fabric window treatments and drapes.

The Platinum Wood Cornice is available in a variety of profiles that includes Derby, Bristol and Oxford at 8 inches tall and the Bradford, Manchester and Essex at 9 inches tall. The Platinum Wood Cornice comes complete with a dust cover on the top of the cornice to protect window blinds and for easier mounting. A keystone is included with all cornices greater than 60 inches.

When you choose to decorate a window, it doesn’t have to end at the window blind, shade or drape. Using a wood cornice adds another layer to the design element that can compliment or contrast other elements in the room. By using a stain on the cornice that perfectly matches a piece of art or furniture, you are creating more visual interest in the piece.

Contrasting colors can also work, or you can use a paint color to match your walls. This creates a subtle enhancement for the room. It gives windows depth and character without overwhelming other elements in the room.

Some cornices come with designs engraved into them, others have patterns and some are simply contoured wood. Some more popular designs include layers of carved wood that can mimic pinecones, acorns, delicate swirls, circular patterns and more. The more intricate the design is the higher the price tends to be.

Wood cornices and valances are available in stores and on-line. When ordering on-line, choose a reputable dealer and look for discounts or free shipping. If you want a change for your home, or an updated look, then consider adding a new layer to your window treatments.

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