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Window Blinds and Shades Block Heat In Desert Homes

Aug 29 2010

In the desert there are two temperatures: hot and hotter. For those looking to beat the sun’s heat, window treatments are a perfect way to reduce in-home temperatures and help reduce or eliminate the need for air conditioning. While the rest of the country is cooling off, you can too with window blinds and shades that have insulating qualities and block against UV rays. We picked a few of our favorite options for desert decorating.

Desert Decorating With Window Blinds and Shades:

1.    Energy Track 3/8” Translucent Double Cell Shades: These window treatments have some of the best insulating qualities on the market. They sit on a track to insulate from edge to edge on your windows. While many people associate insulating window blinds and shades with staying warm, they actually help maintain the indoor temperature of a room, whether that’s warm or cold.

The Energy Track Shades are LEED certified, which means they can help you qualify for LEED certification. They more than quadruple the insulating powers of a single pane of glass. They help improve air quality and more. If you live in an area where nights are cool, then open windows at night to let the cool air in. In the morning, close your blinds and keep the cool air in. If there’s no relief from the heat, consider running the AC for just a couple hours during the night or morning, with the blinds closed.

2.    Silver Screen Roller Shades – 4%: Roller shades are rated by their percentage. What 4% means is that the weave of the fabric is fairly tight. While you will still maintain views of the outdoors even with these shades closed, you will be blocking UV rays and cutting the sun’s glare. They help reduce heat without losing your views.

3.    EnviroFusion Textures Linen Shades: These shades take two popular window blinds and shades and combine them into an insulating blind with a fashion statement. Roman Shades give their style to this window treatment, while the liner is created with a honeycomb design typical of cellular blinds or shades. They offer some of the best insulation on the market while still offering an elegant finish to your room.

It can be a challenge to stay cool in the desert. For those that are ready for a little relaxation in the shade, consider buying window treatments or blinds designed for the desert climate. Head on-line and check out the variety of fabrics, colors and styles to choose from. Your home will stay cooler and you’ll be happier. So what’s stopping you?

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