Why Buy Cellular Shades?

Jul 20 2010

Cellular window shades have a number of benefits over other window treatments or blinds. The first and most important to consumers is they help save money by insulating homes against drafts. Secondly, some models qualify for a federal tax credit. While there are more than three benefits to installing single or double cell shades, the reasons listed below are the most popular.

1.    Reducing Energy Bills. The reason cell shades are so energy efficient is due to the honeycomb pattern similar to a beehive. Air filtering in from outside is trapped in the cells, as is air in the room, so it isn’t leaked outside. In the summer, air conditioning bills may decrease when honeycomb shades are used. In the winter, not as much heat will be needed to keep a comfortable temperature.

Another benefit is they capture the UV rays from the sun, preventing fading of furniture or artwork. The best bet is to keep shades closed during the hours when the sun directly hits the window. The federal tax credit is available on select blinds only, but may bring up to fifteen hundred dollars back.

2.    Sound blocking. One added benefit that most people don’t think about with window treatments is their sound blocking ability. Just as they act as a barrier against heat, light and cold, so too do they act as a barrier against noise. Therefore, these blinds are the perfect compliment to houses or apartments that face busy streets.

3.    Real Estate Values. Real estate agents agree that one of the least expensive ways to increase a home’s resale value is to update or put in new blinds or shades. They add class and style and don’t break the bank. With so many options there is a window treatment for every price range.

These shades come in a variety of thicknesses. While single cell shades let light filter in, they still keep out hot summer rays. The thicker the blind, the better protection they will offer. Double cell shades may qualify for a tax refund. Some brands offer a sealing element that keeps the blinds flush with the window for added protection.

Blackout window treatments usually employ a second layer for added light blocking qualities as well as insulating properties. These are usually found in bedrooms and home theater rooms. They fold up to take up only a small amount of room across the window making sure views can still be enjoyed.

If you are in the market for window treatments or shades, cellular shades are some of the best for light protection, insulation and money savings. There are many styles and colors available and can be utilized in both houses and work buildings.

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