Differentiating Between Different Drapery Styles

May 15 2010

There are a vast variety of drapery styles available. Knowing what your options are will help you decide what is going to look best in your living room or bedroom. Drapes attach to a rod that holds them above the window. The way they attach will compliment the style of the room. Some of the styles of hanging include rod pocket drapery, ring top drapery, French pleat drapery and grommet drapery.

•    Rod pocket drapery means the drapes or top fabric portion of the drape is wrapped over the drapery rod. There are no added accessories like clips or grommets. This style preserves the simplicity of the drape. Rods should be no more than 1 ½ inches in diameter or they may not fit within the curtain pocket. Versions of rod pocket drapery can be found from US manufacturers or overseas manufacturers.

•    Ring Top Drapery Panels have clip on rings. The rings then attach to the drape and fit over a drapery rod. Most rings are made of either wood or metal finishes. Rods are also available in wood and metal frames and a variety or finishes – matted metal, different color stains and more. Liners are usually available as an upgrade.

•    Ring Top Drapery with sewn in rings. Here, the rings are sewn into the drapes. These make sense if you plan on keeping the same drapes for a long time. If you like to update your house with the latest window treatment fashions, then clip on rings might make more sense as they can be re-used, or replaced easily. Drapery rings come in two varieties – metal and wood. Metal rings fit drapery rods of up to 1 ½ inches in diameter, while wood rings fit a curtain rod of up to 1 3/8 inches in diameter.

•    French pleat drapery panels are a little more formal than the other options already mentioned. With these, the panels of the drapes are hooked to the drapery rod with a clip that is attached by a pin on the reverse side of the panel. The front of the drape has a pinched pleat. There are many options of fabrics to choose from, including linen, cotton and more. Privacy liners and blackout liners may be purchased as an upgrade.

•    Grommet drapery panels involve inserting a metal grommet into the fabric at the top, which mounts onto the curtain rod. These are the most modern style of drapes on the market. Most grommets are bronze in color.

For those who prefer to buy drapes made in the US, there are many options. Be sure to check with manufacturers before purchasing. Other drapes come from overseas and may cost a little less. Drapes offer a plethora of fabric colors and styles. Depending on the look of your house, there is a drape to compliment your home. Embroidered fabrics can spice up the look of a room or add an element of luxury living.

Curtain rods also come in a variety of styles and finishes. Rod ends can be purchased in standard wood or bronze, or to excite things, blown art glass and ceramic ends can finish off a room nicely. Drapery styles offer privacy, protection from glare, but most importantly, they bring style to a home.

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