Blackout Window Shades For the Summer

Jul 12 2010

Blackout window shades are experiencing a rise in popularity during the summer months. Their ability to keep out the sun’s rays and keep rooms cooler help preserve artwork and furniture and diminish eye strain for those who spend hours at a time at the computer. Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles. Below are just a few of the most popular.

Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades keep rooms dark and cool. Polyester/fiberglass fabric helps create a barrier against light and heat. Businesses may want to employ these blinds for meeting rooms where screens are used for presentations and darkness is needed.

For those who have not used blackout shades in the past, it is possible to order free swatches of material that will allow buyers to compare colors and fabrics. Because blackout blinds are not sealed to the window, there may be a tiny amount of light that filters in from the edges. The most popular venues for blackout shades are homes, offices and retail spaces. Being able to keep views in windows during the cooler hours, while having the ability to shut it out as the sun beats down will result in energy savings as well as happier families and employees.

Another option for room-darkening shades is the Cordless 9/16” Blackout Single Cell Shades. The fabric is a point bond fabric with a mylar layer. This provides added insulation to help diminish the cost of energy bills in the summer.

Also popular are the Deluxe 3/8” Blackout Double Cell shades. Double cell shades are known for their energy efficiency. Room darkening shades help create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere conducive to sleeping or watching movies at any hour of the day. They provide 85% more darkening qualities than other brands. There is a variety of coloration. These shades also use a mylar liner.

Asante Blackout Roman Shades use top quality woven fabrics that help keep rooms in the dark. Because these shades are made with a soil and dust resistant material, they will work well in any room in the house, especially kids’ rooms. A limited lifetime warranty is provided with purchase. They are operated with a chord lock mechanism.

For those who prefer 100% privacy, there is a ‘no holes privacy’ upgrade. These block out the tiny holes that result from stitching in the lifting mechanism. With these blinds, the cords are threaded through a tab on the back instead of directly through the shades. While there may be a minor tilt to the rail when opened, the additional light protection is well worth it.

During the heat of the summer months, the best protection from the sun is through blackout window shades. They help insulate homes, protect furniture and artwork from fading and create a comfortable atmosphere for sleeping at any hour, or for home theater rooms.

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