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How Window Shades and Blinds Might Diminish Migraines

Jul 9 2010

Window shades and blinds might diminish the frequency of migraines. According to Missouri State University’s Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences, “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep deprivation caused increased expression of the proteins which are known to play an important role in initiating and sustaining chronic pain,” reports The National Sleep Foundation.

The findings also found that the less sleep a person gets, the more their body becomes receptive to the occurrence of migraines. Most physicians and sleep experts recommend at least 8 hours of sleep for adults and 10 or more for teenage kids and children. Window shades and blinds provide a conducive atmosphere for sleep, especially during the summer when it is light out till much later at night. Shades and blinds also help reduce reflection on computer screens and televisions that can cause eye strain. As well, blinds such as double cell shades reduce outside noise.

The best shades for insulating properties are honeycomb cellular shades. There are at least two levels of insulation – single cell shades or double cell shades. The thicker the material, the better the insulation will be. As well, they will create a better climate for sleep by blocking out drafts of air as well as early morning light. Another helpful tool to a good night’s sleep is making sure the television is off. For best results, removing the TV from the bedroom altogether is a good idea.

The effects of sleep deprivation reach past migraines. “Drowsiness or fatigue has been identified as a principle cause in at least 100,000 police-reported traffic crashes each year, killing more than 1,500 Americans and injuring another 71,000, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, 1994). Young drivers age 25 or under are involved in more than one-half of fall-asleep crashes,” reports the National Sleep Foundation.

When driving, reaction times are slowed to a similar manner as driving while drunk. There are several states that are trying to educate drivers about the potential problems of driving while tired. A good night’s sleep on the other hand helps to stimulate creativity, helps bring about a more positive mood and those in school have achieved higher grades with a solid sleep.

Having a comfortable space to sleep that is quiet and dark will help with a good night’s sleep. If morning light wakes you up, install blackout blinds or room darkening blinds to minimize light. Creating a routine to let your body know it is time to sleep may also help. This can include drinking a cup of warm milk, or reading a few pages of a book.

The damaging effects of sleep deprivation may be severe. Migraines often take people out of school or work. It is often the body trying to signal that it needs more sleep. Window shades and blinds are a minor expense when it comes to getting the rest your body needs.

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