Benefits of Woven Wood Roller Shades

Jul 6 2010

Spring and summer are some of the most popular seasons for purchasing woven wood roller shades.Their weave allows wind and air to flow through while creating a privacy barrier. They block glare and the heat of the sun, while offering appealing patterns and designs.

Woven wood roller shades have a Pacific feel to them. For some, they conjure up images of endless beaches, sunsets and the crashing of waves. While these types of blinds are popular in the south pacific, they are also popular for those with beach houses, or those who live in temperate climates.

Woven wood shades are made with one of a few substances: reeds, grasses, wood, bamboo or synthetic materials. With natural materials, each blind will vary slightly in coloration and style. The unique knots or patterns will enhance the look of these natural, sustainable shades. Synthetic wood blinds will look exactly alike and will most likely last longer than other shades.

There are a wide variety of natural stains and colors to choose from with these window treatments. From light golds to nutty browns, there is a color to fit any style of room. Some have variations of reds or greens in them and are paired with light or dark woods. The styles and textures available are numerous.

To bring in brighter colors, and to complete the look of the window treatments, edge bindings can be utilized. Edge bindings are a material that is woven along the edges of the wooden blind. However, they are more than stylish, they also help protect the edges of the grasses or wood from snapping or breaking.

In order to prevent dust build up, simply take a feather duster to the blinds, or a quick vacuum with a soft bristle attachment and these shades will stay looking like new. Synthetic shades have the added benefit of not warping or bending. Some styles are fitted with an Omni rise looping cord that makes it simple to raise and lower the blinds.

Using a unique style of window treatment can create a conversation piece in the house. Woven wood blinds and shades also work well with all types of wood furniture from antiques to modern pieces.

Choose from one of the many styles of woven wood roller shades – bamboo, grass, wood or synthetics. No matter which one you decide, they will bring beauty, variety and gentle breezes into your home.

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May 22 2012

Roller blind is something that is very easy to use and install. You can do yourself with basic tools and knowledge about home decoration. Controlling the unit is easy too.

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