Horizontal Wood Blinds: Function And Aesthetics

Jun 17 2010

There isn't a more classic window covering than horizontal wood blinds. They provide adequate light blocking capabilities. They provide ease of installation and function. They provide privacy as needed. And they look fabulous. They add a classic elegance to a home that can't be completed with any other affordable permanent furnishing or accessory.

Additional aesthetic and function options are available with horizontal wood blinds. For instance the general aesthetic of the horizontal wood blind can be changed drastically by choosing to add aCornice Style Valance. This particular addition provides an added level of class to the overall design of the horizontal wood blinds. It's the perfect finishing touch and removes all trace of the valance clips that are visible without it.

The 5 inch valance option on horizontal wood blinds can also make a big difference. The standard valance measurement is 3 inches. The additional 2 inches is very noticeable and dresses up the look of the horizontal wood blinds considerably. n

Decorative tapes also provide aesthetic enhancements, but they simultaneously provide added function capabilities. The aesthetics are improved by the blocking of the vertical cording running through the blinds. The additional function capabilities are a result of the decorative tapes blocking the routing holes and preventing light leakage.

Routless ladders go one step further. They don't block the routing holes. They actually eliminate them. This obviously results in additional light blocking. The routing holes are eliminated because with routless ladders the lift cords run through small notches on the edges on the outside of the slats.

Options and features offer advantages, and depending upon specific situations there are also instances in which certain aspects attached to features or options could actually be a disadvantage. Being aware of the different options and features ensures that potential window coverings buyers end up with the products that will fulfill their needs and suit their design tastes.

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