5 Design Considerations: Making Window Treatment Purchases

Jun 15 2010

Homeowners considering a window treatment or blinds purchase can be easily confused by the plethora of options, specials, promotions, and features on the market. Making the right window treatment or blinds purchase depends upon several variables and if buyers aren't careful they'll inadvertently allow one or two to go unnoticed or to be simply ignored. Due to the fact that the right blinds, window treatments or shades can have lasting benefits for homeowners there is ample cause to make the decision cautiously and carefully.

Interested homeowners should consult the following list of 5 Design Considerations to remember when looking to buy window treatments or blinds. Considering each on the list increases the probability that the installed product will meet all expectations of the consumer post-purchase. The list is not all inclusive, but it is definitely a solid start for the novice blinds shopper.

1. Interior/exterior design of the home: with all the products available on the market (blinds, shades, etc.) homeowners should be able to find exactly what they're looking for as they attempt to suit their current design scheme. Accenting your home with your window treatments should be a priority; and it's a priority that can be met easily in today's market.

2. Keep your personal priorities in mind. You know what is most important to you when it comes to your upcoming purchase. Don't let yourself get distracted by all the options and available features. Are you looking for discount pricing or style or energy efficiency? Just don't get distracted from your own goals.

3. Make sure you're aware of how long term savings can affect the long term "price" of your blinds or other window treatments. When you are considering energy efficiency products use the available energy savings calculators to estimate what your savings will be monthly or annually so you have some idea of exactly what the long term price of your new window treatments are going to be. It could be that you'll need to make an initial investment up front that will pay for itself within a fairly short amount of time through energy savings.

4. Keep privacy issues in mind. Both privacy and security are offered by window treatments. You need to be aware of the need for varying levels of privacy throughout your home. For instance you'll want higher levels of privacy on your ground floors and you'll need more privacy in the private living areas and bathrooms.

5. Safety is always an issue. Many industry experts suggest that all consumers stick to cordless purchases for safety reasons. The corded varieties pose a safety risk to small children as they can become entangled in the dangling cords that operate the blinds or shades. If you have small children or have frequent visits from small children you will definitely want to restrict your purchases to cordless varieties.

Purchasing updated blinds or other quality window treatments is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable method to increase the value of your home. In addition it is also the quickest way to update the home decor without the expense of purchasing new home decor. And energy efficient products can decrease the household's monthly energy expense drastically.The benefits are there for the taking, consumers just need to know what to look for and then make sure they don't settle until they've found it.
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