I have a question with motorization option. For the motorized screen roller shades, are the motorization and the remote are separate options? Do you need both? How would you use the motorization without a remote?
The answer is you need both a remote control and a motorized shade for the motorization to work correctly. Each window shade must have a motor but each shade does not have to have a dedicated remote because each remote control can operate more than one motorized blind. Remote controls can operate either one motorized shade or group of motorized shades for each channel. Remote controls with multiple channels can operate separate motorized shades for groups of shades for each channel. So you could purchase one remote for a room full of motorized blinds or shades.

Remote controls vary in either hand held or wall mount switches. Hand held remotes can be operated from various locations while a wall switch is mounted on or in the wall in a fixed location.

Remote control blinds come in various type of window treatments. Choose from roller shades & sun screen shades, cellular shades, and more. Buy your motorized shades today!
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