I have roll-down blinds and I am looking for some kind of bracket to hold them down and stop them from banging when the windows are open. I need to keep the windows open on hot days but close the blinds to stop the sun. Do you have an option, bracket, or tie down system for this?
At Blinds Chalet we do not sell individual parts for roller blinds only complete window shades. Each brand of roll down blinds has different types of components and we only carry those for our brand of shades.

We do have optional hold down brackets to tie down the bottom of roll up blinds. Hold down brackets are ideal for door blinds or if you just want to to tie the bottom of the shades down to keep from moving in the breeze. Simply let us know at the time you place the order and we can include them at no charge.

Roller shade fabric ranges from blackout to screen roll up blinds. Whether you want to block light or let filtered light enter the room, roll down blinds offer a wide selection of choices. Not only do roller blinds offer different types of fabric they also offer a wide assortment of colors. Choose from traditional roller shades or our new MLB blinds and collegiate blinds. Buy your roller shades today!
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