I'm looking for a rolling or roman style blind for our office. We have 6 large windows and would like something that is somewhat transparent but also provides some shade. Could you send me the options you have available in this area.
Blinds Chalet carries several options for screen shades in both roller shades and roman shades. Online we only carry screen roll up blinds but we can also special order roman shades in the screen fabric.

Rolling shades made with a screen fabric allows filtered light to enter the room, reducing glare and providing some shade. This is perfect for office, restaurants or home applications. Because the fabric is a screen material they do not provide complete privacy allowing you to view through the window.

Screen shades vary in the tightness of the weave. A tighter screen fabric allows less light to pass through the shades and give added privacy. A looser weave with more openness allows more light to enter the room. Buy your screen roller shades today!
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