I love how there is the openness on these Phifer SheerWeave 4000 Roller Shades - 5%. But I am concerned if others can see in from the outside through these?
Phifer SheerWeave Roller Shades are made from screen fabric that allows filtered light to pass through the shades. Because the solar screen shades are made from a screen material they are not a complete privacy shade. During the daytime the shades block the majority of the light from entering the room and give a moderate level of privacy. During the night time hours however, the shades provide very little privacy when the lights are on inside the room.

The amount of light that enters the room varies based on the openness of the screen material. The higher the percentage of openness the more light and less privacy the screen roller shades provide. A 14% openness screen roller shade will allow more light the enter and provide less privacy than a 1% openness shade.

The bottom line is screen roller shades are great for areas where light control is desired such as an office or restaurant but not recommended for areas where privacy is a must.
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