Very interested in your silverscreen roller blinds. I do have some high windows, approximately 14-16 feet, that I would like to put the roller blinds on. Do you have long chains or another system for high windows?
Because each of our window blinds are custom made we can make the lift cords at a longer length on most of our products. With the silverscreen roller shades we can add additional length to the cords. This is ideal for those hard to reach windows.

For any kind of special customization that is not available on the website must be taken care of with customer service before your order is placed or within the same day to ensure it is handled correctly.

Other options for high windows include motorized shades and cordless shades. Cordless shades would have to operated with a long extension pole. Motorized blinds come in different grades of motors and remotes. Motors can be battery operated or hard wired. Remotes come in hand held, wall switches, as well as full automation based on timers and even light sensors. Motors can be added to various window blinds including roller blinds.
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