Can you send me your solar control properties information for the EcoGreen Solar Screen Shades "Sterling"?
Here is a table of the solar optical properties of or EcoGreen solar screen shades for each fabric color:
Charcoal Bronze242848730.590.46
Pearl Linen3939222640.560.44

There are several factors that are measured for the solar optical properties of screen shades. Solar optical properties refer to the solar reflectance, absorption and transmittance of the solar screen fabrics. Below is a list of each and their definitions.

(TV) Visual Transmittance: This factor measures the ratio of the amount of visible solar energy passing through the fabric of the screen shades. Darker color will by nature have a lower TV factor while lighter color fabrics will have a higher number.

(TS) Solar Transmittance: The percentage of the solar energy that passes through the screen fabric.

(RS) Solar Reflectance: The percentage of the solar energy which the screen shades reflect.

(AS) Solar Absorption: The percentage of the amount of energy which the solar screen shades absorb.

(SC) Shading Coefficient: The percentage of heat gain allowed by the screen fabric. Light colors will have a lower shading coefficient than darker fabrics.

(OF) Openness Factor: The amount of open space between the screen fibers or weave. The tighter the weave the lower the openness factor and the less light passing through the window shades. Also the the lower the factor the more the screen shades block the view.

Our EcoGreen solar screen shades are made from fabrics that are GreenGuard certified. GreenGuard Environmental Institute has established the standards for indoor air quality.
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