I am interested in 3% sunblock shades. what is the material content of your screen roller shades?
Roller shades come in various types of fabric ranging from sunblock shades or blackout fabrics to transparent or screen fabric roller shades. The fabrics range from polyester to PVC or vinyl. Most screen fabric is made from PVC that woven into a screen.

Roller shade fabrics are designed for different purposes. Choose from sunblock shades which provide privacy and light control. The next level is a light filtering fabric that gives privacy while allowing some light to pass through them. The last level would be a transparent roller shade made from a screen fabric. These roller shades are designed to block a portion of the UV rays but not the view. They are not designed for total privacy but light control.

Blinds Chalet carries all ranges of roller shades in various fabrics and colors. Let us help you with your roller shade purchase today!
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