What are you best sun blocking shades?
It all depends on what you would like to accomplish. Some shades are designed to block the light from the sun for light control. Other blinds & shades are designed to block the suns rays for insulation purposes.

If you are looking for light control, shop any of our blackout blinds and shades including shutters. Blackout blinds are made with fabric that stops light from passing through the fabric. Our top window shade for light control is the SlumberShades which are made with blackout fabric as well as light blocking side tracks to stop light from passing between the window frame and the window shades. SlumberShades and other blackout cell shades are also good insulators. Not only do they block the light they insulate your windows, reducing your energy bills.

If you need a window shade that controls light, reduces heat gain but not blocking the view shop our solar screen shades. Solar screen shades are simply roller shades made with screen fabric. This screen material filters the suns uv rays while not blocking the view. Solar screen shades come in various weaves. The tighter the weave the less sun light that enters the window but the more the view is blocked. the less light that enters the room the more the window shades insulate.

Whatever you needs for sun blocking window shades Blinds Chalet can help. Contact us or order online today for the best sun blocking shades!
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