If I order a blind adding the Motorization option. Do I also need to purchase a remote?
When selecting the motorization option on our blinds and shades your window blinds will come with a motorized lift in the headrail. You will need a remote control in order to operate the motorization. Remote controls vary. Some are a single channel and some are multi-channel remotes. Each channel on the remote can operate a single blind or group of blinds. For instance a single channel remote control can operate one blind or an entire room of blinds. You will need to decide how you want to operate your motorized blinds in order to choose the number of remotes which you want then simply add a remote to any of the blinds in your order.

Remote controls also come in both hand held or wall mount devices. Wall mount devices are mounted to the wall similar to an electric wall switch while a hand held remote operates like the remote on your tv. Home automation is also an option, raising and lowering the blinds on a timer or with the natural light. These options are not available on our website but you can call for details.

Motorization also comes standard with battery motors. Hard wired motors can be ordered as well. Some of our most common motorized shades include roller shades and cellular shades. Shop online and get excellent pricing on motorization for your blinds.
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