Which are the easiest window shades to raise and lower?
The easiest window shades to raise and lower would be motorized blinds. If motorization is not an option there are two factors that effect the ease of operation. First is the weight of the blinds. The weight is determined by the size as well as the material. The lighter the window blinds or shades the easier they are to operate. Second is the control mechanism. Continuous cord loop lift controls are typically used for larger window shades because they make it easier to raise and lower them. Cordless lift controls are also easy to operate.

Blinds Chalet recommends the following window shades for easy operation. These products are either lighter weight or come with an optional cordless lift.

Honeycomb Cell Shades
Honeycomb shades are one of the lightest window shades and most have an optional continuous cord loop lift control available.

Roller Shades
Roller Shades come with either cordless lift or a continuous cord loop lift control which make them easy to raise.

Soft Sheer Shades
Soft Sheer Shades are made from light weight fabric and continuous cord lift to make them easy to raise.

Window blinds such as faux wood blinds or wood blinds or bamboo shades that are made from real wood or synthetic wood are heavier than fabric shades. The larger the blind the heavier they become and the harder to raise. If you are looking for a light weight shade that is easy to raise stay away from these.
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