I have a sliding glass door that I would like to put solar shades on. I only want to keep the glare out at certain times of the day when the sun shines very brightly into the room. Are solar shades a good solution? If so, which type of solar screen shades block glare the best? I don't really understand the percent designations on each shade. Is 5% better than 11%?
Solar screen shades are the perfect solution for your application. It is important to note that solar shades are not designed for privacy, so that is something to consider. They are ideal for glare reduction while not blocking the entire view.

The difference between 5% and 11% openness is the tightness of the weave and how much light will be allowed in. The lower the percentage, the tighter the weave and the more light as well as view they block. A 5% solar screen fabric will be 5% open, blocking 95% of the light.

Blinds Chalet offers may different solar shades in varied openness factor. We also offer free samples of the screen fabric so you can see the weave and how open the fabric is. Choose the solar screen shades that best fit your needs. Shop online, get free shipping and save big at Blinds Chalet. Buy your solar screen shades today!
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