Do you carry anti glare blinds? I need a blind to stop the glare on my computer screen.
Any window covering that blocks light will also block glare. If you are looking for anti glare blinds that reduces uv rays without blocking the view through the window then solar screen shades are the best option. Made from screen fabrics with varied weaves, solar screen shades are designed to block sun rays while not blocking the view.

Solar screen blinds come a wide selection of colors and patterns. The tighter the weave, the lower the openness and the more the screen blinds block the light. The more light blocked means also the more the view is blocked.

Another option to reduce glare while not blocking the view are any of the window blinds with sheer fabrics. Choose from soft sheer shades or sheer honeycomb shades such as our day night shades. If you have any questions about which anti glare blinds are right for you give us a call today.
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